October 13, 2008

Weekend review; October 11th and 12th

Fall is definitely here. The leaves are starting to fall, which means the yardwork will continue until they finish! Anyway, here's a list of the cigars I'm reviewing this weekend:
  • Don Pepin Garcia Tobacos Baez Monarcas

  • Tatuaje Black Label

  • Camacho Select Super Robusto

  • CAO MX2 Belicoso

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don Pepin Garcia Tabacos Baez Monarcas (6.5x52)

This is my first try of these. They are pretty new. DPG is continuously turning out new cigars these days! It's kinda hard to keep up with him! Of course, it's triple capped:

Anyway, right off the bat this cigar had a blast of spice and pepper. It has the usual Pepin-like flavor but in a slightly different blend. A sweetness is observed. It's tangy and somewhat like a tangerine. (Now, I'm not very good at describing the different cigar flavors but that's as close as I can come with this one.) The finish is long. If you want the biggest explosion of spice, pepper, and the "tangerine" flavors, try blowing the smoke through your nose! This is a very good cigar! I'm glad I tried it!

Score: 94

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Tatuaje Black Label (5 5/8x46)

Earthy spice with black pepper. That's the story of this cigar in short form! Suprisingly, the finish is rather short. This is the fullest bodied cigar that I've had by Pepin. The pepper really stands out! Consistent. Slow burning. Nice, but not my favorite Pepin-made cigar. It has lots of power but not that much "taste", IMHO.

Score: 89

Camacho Select Super Robusto (5.7x52)

Nice spice with a citrus overtone. Pepper noted and especially on the aftertaste. I found that interesting. The cigar was soft in the center. It was underfilled at that point. Slight hints of caramel-like undertones. Reminds me of a smoother version of the Coyolar. Stayed consistent. Nice cigar.

Score: 90

CAO MX2 Belicoso (7x56)

Very dark cigar. Decent spice initially with some maduro sweetness. Slow burning cigar. It lasted well over 2 hours. Maduro flavor seems to increase as the cigar burned past the 1/4 point. Finish is decent but a little short. Tight ash! Not a bad maduro cigar but I like mine with more sweetness.
Score: 86

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