October 21, 2008

Weekend review; October 18th and 19th

Much cooler weather has moved in! It feels like fall! I like it. But, the yardwork will still continue well into November!

I had some good cigars this weekend. Here is my review list:
  • CAO Palms Resort Super Bowl Perfecto (2/1/04)

  • Griffin Maduro Robusto

  • Romeo y Julieta Cazadore (Cuban)

  • H. Upmann Reserve Maduro Toro

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

CAO Palms Resort Super Bowl Perfecto (6.7x54)

This cigar has been sitting for quite awhile. I'm sure they're rare since they were made for the Palms Resort exclusively. They were given out at the 2004 Super Bowl party. The blend is supposidly secret. I decided today was a good day to have it.

First of all, I think cigars with this shape are very cool. After cutting the cap, I tested the draw, which was good. The first draws were leathery and spicy. I felt pepper on the rear of my pallet and throat. The pepper is a very welcome surprise! I enjoyed that aspect of the cigar. At the midpoint the spice dropped off somewhat. it picked back up shorth thereafter. Pretty nice medium bodied cigar. I really enjoyed it!

Score: 91

Griffin Maduro Robusto (5x50)

Started off with nice spice and black pepper tones. Not a significant amount of maduro sweetness. The finish was rather short. More pepper than most maduro cigars. Very good cigar but I'd rate it higher if it had more sweetness from the maduro.

Score: 88

Romeo y Julieta Cazadore (Cuba) (6.4x44)

Known as one of the fuller bodied Cuban cigars, these are a favorite of mine. I've had several over the years but this is my first review of one. These cigars have NO band. The cigar has very good spice with pepper undertones. Not overpowering pepper, just enough to be nice. Finish is short. The spice has somewhat of a vanilla tone. The draw was very good, also. I tend to keep my Cuban cigars at 62% humidity. This helps them open up and draw well.

Score: 91

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

H. Upmann Reserve Maduro toro (6x54)

I picked up this cigar at the Tobacco Merchant recently. Nice looking cigar. Too bad the taste was not as nice! The cigar had no real flavor until 1/2 inch into it. After an inch the cigar is quite disappointing. Very little spice and hardly any maduro sweetness, but it has decent pepper. With 2" left the cigar stayed fairly consisten with a little more maduro flavor coming through. This is suppose to be one of Upmann's top cigars but I see it lacking in the maduro sweetness category! The finish is fairly short. A disappointing cigar.

Score: 85

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