November 18, 2008

Mid-week Review EXTRA (local shop house blend)

I took a trip to "Lite um up cigars" yesterday afternoon to see how Tom and the business was doing. Tom said he's on pace to have the best month ever! That's great news. He has a very nice shop and a great bar to enjoy your favorite beverage. Tom carries some cigars that the other local shops do not carry, so I helped myself to the humidor. While in there, he told me of a "secret cigar" that he wanted me to try and report back on. I, of course, said "sure". He handed me a very dark cigar, toro size, that looked very nice! It was a double maduro Nicaraguan puro that Tom had blended! He took a trip to the factory and spent several days trying different blends until he came up with what he liked. This was an example of the final product. Here is my report:

Double maduro Nicaraguan puro toro (6x50)

Lite um up cigars house blend

Very dark cigar. This cigar had no band but Tom tells me he has designed a band for the cigar. Those will come later.
After cutting, the test draw was very good. I lit the cigar and smoked it for an inch or so. At this point the cigar had great spice, coffee, licorice, maduro sweetness, and pepper. The pepper was very noticeable when blowing it through my nose. The finish is fairly short at this point but the pepper lingers on your pallet. It is full bodied with a very even burn. The ash is tight. At halfway point the licorice and coffee notes are still strong. The spice is secondary but it really adds to the finish. The cigar is spot on consistent. In the latter stages the finish lengthens leaving a pleasing taste. This is a very good, full bodied maduro cigar.
Tom appears to have hit on a winner with this blend. He'll have no trouble selling this cigar. I'm not at liberty to discuss any other details of the cigar so you'll have to visit the shop and when he's ready to tell more, he will.

Score: 91
I encourage you to visit his shop in Northeast Columbia. Visit his website to see the shop and get more info:

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