November 17, 2008

Weekend review; November 15th and 16th, 2008

Cool, rainy Saturday, and plenty of wind! Too windy to work in the yard, so I went to the Maduro Room! (I was going to bag leaves but that would have been a huge waist of time!)

Jack Porter (Outfield Jack) met me there. We had a nice afternoon with other cigar lovers. I had the new DPG El Rey del Habanos, a red labeled Pepin cigar that they advertise as mild. It's far from mild, has great flavor, and has the typical Pepin-esque taste. I love them!

I got back home before the South Carolina/Florida football game, but as it turned out I may as well not even turned the TV on! Wow! Florida put an ol' fashioned butt-whoopin' on SC!

At least I had a good cigar to smoke while watching the beat-down; a Don Lino Africa Victoria Falls. On that note, here's the reviews:

Reviewed cigars:
  • Don Lino Africa Victoria Falls
  • Griffin Toro

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Don Lino Africa Victoria Falls (salomon) 7.2x54

A rather rough looking cigar with numerous bumps, but I love this shape! I make a minimum cut on the cap and then light the "nipple"! First draws are a combination of leather and spice. Pepper is noted on the pallet and especially in the aftertaste. The finish is long. Very nice cigar and it lasts a long time!

Score: 91

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

The Griffins Toro (6.2x52)

This looks like a torpedo, but I belive they consider it a toro. Whatever, it was a Connecticut shade cigar with nice spice and quite a bit of black pepper on the pallet! That was a nice find since most Connecticut shade cigars are so mild you don't really know when you start smoking them! This was a mild cigar which transitioned into a medium bodied one. The finish is long and somewhat sweet. There are minor hints of caramel. Nice cigar, just a little mild.

Score: 87

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