November 03, 2008

Weekend review; November 1st and 2nd, 2008

Well, Halloween's over and everyone's already thinking Christmas! What happened to Thanksgiving? It's just a speed bump on the road to Christmas anymore!
The presidential elections are tomorrow, so get out and vote. I'm hoping McCain can pull off the upset because I don't want four years of Obamination! I can't take any more taxes! Besides, Palin is pretty hot! : )
Anyway, on to the weekend reviews.
The cigars reviewed are:
  • Lito Gomez Small Batch No. 2
  • La Aurora Maduro robusto
  • Legend's Series (Red) by Perdomo, torpedo
Saturday, November 1st, 2008
Lito Gomez Small Batch No. 2 (6.5x54)

This was a birthday gift from my son. It's been sitting in the humidor since the beginning of August of this year. Today I decided to have it. It is a beautiful looking cigar; very dark. The test draw was good. After lighting, there is a ton of spice and pepper! You can taste the ligero immediately! This is a very dense cigar; thick. The finish is long and somewhat sweet. Very full bodied. At the midpoint the spice is still great. The pepper has slightly decreased. Otherwise, it stayed consistent. Nice cigar but very expensive! (around $16 each!)

Score: 92

La Aurora Maduro robusto (5x50)

This is not a dark maduro cigar. After lighting, there is a maduro sweetness and some of the cameroon flavor that is typical with La Aurura. Not a super sweet maduro, however. There is decent spice. Hints of pepper. A little inconsistent. The maduro flavor comes and goes. Not a bad cigar and pretty inexpensive.

Score: 87

Legend's Series (Red) by Perdomo (torpedo) (5.7x54)

Nicely constructed cigar. Very dark. Perdomo makes a pretty good maduro cigar. This maduro is somewhat sweet and has good spice. Medium bodied. It is a good, inexpensive, everyday maduro cigar. I try to keep these on hand at all times! The burn is even. A pretty decent maduro cigar!

Score: 88

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