November 10, 2008

Weekend review; November 8th and 9th, 2008

Well, the presidential elections are over...THANK GOODNESS! The talk about the next president started 2 years ago and I think we were all sick of it! And, the democrats won out this time. Barak Obama is our next president. He didn't get my vote, or my wife's, but he obviously got enough to win the election. He says he's all about "change". To be honest, I'm scared of what he means by "change". But, we'll see.

Anyway, this was an unusual weekend for reviews because so many cigars disappointed me. I mean REALLY disappointed me! As you know, the reviews posted here are my opinion which may, or may not agree with yours. Try these cigars and see what you think. I can guarantee that all the reviews here are worth every penny you paid for them.

This weekend's cigars are:

  • Rocky Patel Old World Reserve maduro toro
  • Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic robusto
  • Pontillo maduro toro
  • Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ maduro belicoso
Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Rocky Patel Old World Reserve maduro toro (6.5x52)

Slightly square pressed; not a sharp press. Very spicy with hints of pepper but there is little maduro flavor or sweetness. There is a slight hint of caramel-like taste. The finish is short. The cigar could be better if it had more flavor. It has plenty of spice but lacks anything else. To be honest, I expected much more from this cigar.

Score: 85

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic robusto (5x50)

Reddish/brown color, Good spice with hints of pepper. Light leather undertones. Finish is fairly long and somewhat leathery and nutty. The ash is tight. Not a bad cigar but not my favorite DPG.

Score: 87

Pontillo maduro toro (5.75x54)

This cigar is from the original Pontillo's which were made in Nicaragua. He has since moved his factory to the Dominican Republic and uses different tobacco to make his cigars. These maduro's are some of the best maduro's I've ever had. I am really going to miss them. You can still find them on line but when they're gone, they're gone! The cigar has very nice construction. I decided to "punch" this cigar rather than straight cut it.

Upon lighting, you immediately get a blast of spice, pepper, and sweet maduro flavor. The draw is firm but not difficult. The finish is long. This is a very slow burning cigar. You can smoke it for 1 3/4 hours easily! The ash is tight. The cigar stays very consistent. A very good cigar.

Score: 92

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ maduro belicoso (5.7x52)

This is a new DPG cigar for me. I reviewed the natural version of this cigar a week or so ago. It was pretty good. I'd buy them again. The construction of this cigar is typically excellent. All DPG cigars have quality construction. Right from the start this cigar had a ton of black pepper! I mean a ton! Actually, after smoking 1/2 of it that's about all it had. There was very little spice or any other flavor. There was no maduro flavor; no maduro sweetness. I can't believe I'm writing a bad review about a DPG cigar, but I am. This cigar just did not do it for me. I will not buy these again.

Score: 72

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St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

On the DPGs:

The Cuban Classic is an alright smoke, and pairs well with coffee. I've had a couple, and would buy them again upon occasion.

The JJ maduros are not the best of that line, and as you've noticed, the maduro really doesn't meet the expectation of what maduros frequently bring. The JJ naturals are better.