December 22, 2008

Weekend review; December 20th and 21st, 2008

Less than a week until Christmas! Hope you're been good so Santa will bring you lots of "toys"!

Spent Saturday afternoon at the Maduro Room, , and had a very rare cigar! This cigar is made by Lito Gomez for Capital City Cigars in Raleigh, NC. They are the only place that has it! It retails for $7 each. It is a cheroot; very thin ring gage and pointed at the end. The dimensions are approximately 5 1/2" x 30. Here is a picture of the cigar:

I clipped the very end of the cap. Initially the cigar had an incredible amount of spice and pepper. Rich caramel aftertaste. Citrus overtones. After smoking 1/3 of this cigar the strength was very apparent; FULL! I'd put this cigar at least on par with a Double Ligero Chisel, or stronger.

Since the tip is so small it tends to get stopped up with tar and dampness. The strength increases as you move into the final 1/3. This is a powerhouse of a cigar. You can contact Capital City Cigars to try them. Very good cigar with a fantastic aftertaste!

Score: 93

El Rey Del Los Habanos churchill (7x50)

Another cigar by Don Pepin Garcia. He refers to this as a mild cigar, but it's not. It is more medium, especially the churchill. Plenty of spice, pepper and citrus notes with some almond undertones. The pepper is quite heavy. Very nice. I've had the torpedo and toro versions of this cigar and they had more citrus notes than this cigar does. That being said, this is still a very good cigar. It's in my "Pepin rotation".

Score: 91

601 Red Torpedo (6.5x52)

Yet another Pepin-made cigar! (Yes, I like his cigars!) This one has a combination of leather, spice and pepper. Finish is long and sweet. The spice is very heavy. At the mid-point there are toasted almond notes! This cigar is made for EO Brands. A very good tasting cigar.

Score: 93


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