December 08, 2008

Weekend review; December 6th and 7th, 2008

Well, December is here! Close to the end of another year! Christmas is just around the corner! Great time to enjoy cigars! (but then again, any time is a great time for that!)

Cigars reviewed this weekend are:
  • CAO LX2 Belicoso
  • Reyes Classic Piramide No. 2

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

CAO LX2 Belicoso (7x56)

Newest edition from CAO. This cigar's name means Ligero X 2, or double ligero. I picked up this cigar from The Tobacco Merchant on Bower Parkway in Columbia. It's a nice looking, dark cigar. The cigar starts out with a nice peppery spice. Slightly sweet aftertaste. Hints of cinnamon. Also, there are hints of orange which are "similar" to the taste of Pepin's cigars, but don't get me wrong; these are no Pepin's! The finish is long. After smoking the cigar for one inch I find it very pleasing. I do not, however, sense a large amount of ligero in this cigar. With a name like "Double Ligero" I expected it to be very full bodied and potent! It's not. Compared to a true double ligero cigar like the LFD double's, this cigar falls far short! It has very nice flavor but don't buy it expecting to be blown away! Just past midpoint the flavors are still consistent; spice and pepper are still very heavy. The cigar stayed consistent to the end. Nice cigar.

Score: 91

Reyes Classic Piramide No. 2 (6.5x56)

I purchased this cigar at Lite Um Up Cigars in Northeast Columbia. It was rather leathery at light up. Spice quickly followed with slight hints of pepper. The finish is long. The amount of spice in this cigar is about 75% of that of other "spicy cigars". It's a little short on spice for me. At the midpoint the cigar is fairly unremarkable. The spice is still decent but the pepper seems to have faded. I think the problem with the cigar (in my opinion) is it's just too mild. This may be a good cigar for a beginner. The spice stayed decent to the end but the cigar lacks character. Very mild.

Score: 82

Although I've reviewed the 5 Vegas Miami cigars before I felt it was worth repeating how good these cigars are. They are another Don Pepin Garcia-made cigar and they are fantastic! I rated the torpedo a 94 awhile back and that may be a tad low! I had a toro today after the Reyes review and it was so tasty! Great cigars with all the Pepin flavors I love; tangy spice, pepper, and cinnamon. Cigars International has them, as well as I highly recommend them.

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