January 13, 2009

Weekend review; January 10, 2009

This review is a day late, sorry, but better late than never!

I'm only reviewing 2 cigars this weekend because I'm running out of cigars to review! I'll have to look around for some new ones. Anyway, here's this week's reviewed cigars:

  • La Vieja Habana Cameroon Torpedo
  • Camacho Liberty 2007

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

La Vieja Habana Cameroon Belicoso (6x54)

A rather rough looking cigar that was a gift from Jimbob of Social Cigar's board. I didn't know what wrapper this cigar had when I reviewed it but went to the Cigars International website this morning to find out it was actually a Cameroon. That explains allot and confirms my review.

The cigar started out with a lot of spice and nice pepper notes with vanilla flavor on the aftertaste. Actually a very tasty cigar. I did not expect much from this cigar. LVH's don't have a stellar reputation, or at least the old one's didn't. But this cigar was very enjoyable. The finish is quite long. Caramel notes appear. Medium bodied at best. One downside of this cigar is it was very soft. This became very apparent at the midpoint. Perhaps it was badly under filled. The spice stayed quite strong throughout and so did the heavy vanilla taste. I really liked that. The pepper was the perfect amount.

For flavor I give this cigar a 90 but the construction pulls it down a couple points.

Score: 88

Camacho Liberty 2007 (6x56)

This is the first Liberty I've ever seen, let alone smoked! These cigars are packaged in individual coffins. Since this is a special cigar I've decided to give a little more pictorial detail to the review.

A beautiful barber pole wrapped cigar. Fantastic construction.

Intense spice with lots of pepper. Very smooth, rich caramel flavor. The corojo sweetness comes through. The cigar looks nice in your hand.

At the midpoint the burn was a little uneven.

Not overly powerful buy very tasty. Medium to full bodied. The cigar picked up intensity in the second half. Very consistent cigar overall. I really enjoyed it and "nubbed tha sucka!"

For my first liberty it was a great cigar.

Score: 93

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