January 05, 2009

Weekend review; January 3 and 4, 2009

It sure has been rainy and foggy around Columbia, SC lately! I feel like I'm living in London! It'll be sunny soon...and not long after that it'll be 90 degrees! So, I'm glad for the cool weather for now.

This weekend I'm reviewing 5 cigars. They are:

  • Cigars International Legends Series - Graycliff (purple label)
  • Te Amo Anniversario Vintage '99 Pyramid
  • CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Toro
  • Cubao Lancero
  • 5 Vegas A Apocalypse

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cigars International Legends Series; Graycliff (5.75x54)

I started off with one of the Cigars International Legends Series. Today's choice: the Graycliff version, which has the purple label. I must be honest, I didn't expect much from this cigar. I mean, Graycliff is a high dollar cigar and I couldn't imagine them making a decent cigar that would retail around $4 or $5 bucks. Well, I was wrong! The cigar was heavy with toasted almond overtones and lots of spice. It had light pepper notes. Very thick wrapper; at least 1/16" above the ash as it burns! The burn was very even. The cigar stayed consistent in flavor. Pepper notes on back of throat is nice! The finish is fairly long. Medium bodied. The spice stayed very strong throughout. I was pleasantly surprised by this cigar!
Score: 88

Te Amo Anniversario Vintage '99 Pyramid (6x52)
Now, let me say this...I can't find this cigar online in a pyramid style but the one I had was definitely that shape! (as the pic shows).
The cigar has a dark brown wrapper. Slightly square pressed at foot. Tons of spice with leather overtones. Black pepper notes. Vanilla notes on finish. Very even burn. Leather notes decrease slightly around midpoint but spice remains strong. Not grassy like other Mexican cigars I've had before. Nice cigar.
Score: 88

Sunday, January 4, 2009
CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Toro (5 1/2x 55)
Very intense spice with fairly heavy pepper are my first impressions but...where is the Cameroon flavor and sweetness? Maybe it will kick in later. Midpoint: no Cameroon flavor or sweetness. Last quarter: no Cameroon flavor or sweetness. Was this a "bad cigar" or just a dud? A fluke? I don't know but this is NOT an example of a good Cameroon cigar. I was highly disappointed! I expected much more from CAO.
Score: 70 (basically this is the lowest score a handmade cigar will receive from me)

Cubao Lancero (7 1/2 x 38)
Very peppery spice with heavy citrus overtones initially. Full bodied. Long, peppery aftertaste. The pepper lingers on the back of your tongue. After about 2 inches the finish became sweet. This is a powerhouse cigar. Very even burn. It lost some of the citrus notes at the end. If you don't like peppery cigars leave this one alone. I thought it was a great cigar.
Score: 94

5 Vegas A Apocalypse (6x58)

Very dark, fat maduro cigar. Nice construction overall but the cap was a little rough. My second favorite 5 Vegas cigar, with the Miami series my favorite. The cigar had nice maduro sweetness and some pepper. Nice spice. Long finish. Very good flavor. Notes of rich vanilla noted. Good cigar. Good value. Good maduro. Enjoyed this cigar.
Score: 92

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