April 27, 2009

Weekend review; April 25th and 26th, 2009

We're back on track with some reviews! But first... a little unfinished business.

Last week I took the raffle check to Sister Care, Inc. and they were very happy. Over the weekend I received a nice letter from them thanking us, the 2009 SC Sit Down attendees, for our donation. Here is the letter:

Now, on to the reviews...

I had the opportunity to review 2 very good cigars this weekend. One of them received the highest rating I have ever given! The 2 cigars were:

  • Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Nova
  • Oliva V maduro torpedo

Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Nova [Robusto] (5x50)

This was a dark brown cigar. Initially it had a very spicy flavor with lots of pepper and an abundant amount of cinnamon! The cigar stayed very consistent throughout. That may be the shortest review ever! In a nut shell, it was very good! I can see how it has received high ratings. The only negative I could find is the finish was a little short but that's not enough to knock this cigar from a good rating.

Score: 92

Oliva V maduro torpedo (6.25x56)

Oliva made these in one batch (I guess) because there are no more to be found! I had to trade some cigars to Carlos (Boofa) who had previously bought an entire box of them! Anyway, thanks Boofa!

Nice looking cigar! Not overly dark for a maduro. Nice weight to this cigar too. It feels nice in your hand; heavy. I cut only 1/4" off the cap and the draw was good. An intense sweet spice with pepper notes initially. The finish was great; long and sweet with lots of pepper. In the midst of all the pepper and spice are hints of roasted almonds. The pepper lingers on the back of your throat. The burn was very even. This cigar is MUCH more full bodied than the regular V's. At the midpoint the cigar was still consistent. I could feel the ligero kick in about here. The cigar remained consistent to the end. I got a little dizzy by the end of it! Lots of power in this baby! An absolute great cigar. Too bad they're not making anymore.

Score: 96

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Curt said...

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