April 06, 2009

Weekend review; April 4th and 5th, 2009

Our family lost a dear member this weekend. Harvey Poston, my father in law, died Sunday morning. He was 69 years old. He was a Navy veteran and the founder of our company, Southland Equipment. He will be greatly missed. The company will continue though. Diane, Harvey's wife, is the President of the company and both Connie and I work there, as well as Diane's sister and her husband. Also, there is an ex-brother in law who is here. We will all keep the company going the way Harvey would have wanted it.

On Saturday I had a chance to review 2 cigars. They were:
  • CAO Criollo Bomba
  • Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero

CAO Criollo Bomba (6x50)

This cigar has a little pigtail at the cap. It had a wonderful cinnamon flavored spice. There were touches of pepper. The cigar was pretty consistent. One of my favorite CAO cigars.

Score: 92

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero (7x38)

I'm not a lancero fan but this cigar may change my mind. It has been reformulated by Don Pepin Garcia and it's fantastic! I did not have the original blend so I cannot compare the two but I can tell you one thing, buy this cigar and you'll love it!

It has a pigtail cap. Lots of spice. Overtones of cinnamon and vanilla. There was a touch of pepper. The finish is long ans sweet. There were citrus notes also. Quite a complex cigar. After a couple inches the cigar developed more of the citrus tones. (you can taste the Pepin influences) The cigar changed quite a bit. I absolutely loved this cigar and highly recommend it.

Score: 95

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