June 15, 2009

Weekend review; June 13 & 14, 2009

Nice weekend, just hot! Summer is one week away and we're already in the 90's. Forecast for this coming Friday and Saturday is 100 degrees!!!! Wow!

By the way, I dropped by the Tobacco Merchant Friday night to see how the transformation was coming along. Wow! What a difference already! Several walls were taken out and the temporary bar is in. The humidor is 10 feet shorter than it was before but you can hardly tell the difference. There was room to give up in there. It's very well stocked now, too.

The former office is where the 10 feet of the humidor went. This room will become a cigar/pipe sitting room. Once this room is finished the leather furniture in the old sitting area will be moved in. Then the new built in bar will be constructed. It will run along the wall in the former tv sitting area for about 40 feet or so! There will be an upgraded sitting area in the front of the store also.

Lots of changes underway!

Reviewed 2 cigars this weekend. They are:

  • Montecristo Serie C toro
  • Rocky Patel 2009 Winter Collection toro

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Montecristo Serie C toro (6x54)

Quite spicy with very nice pepper. Vanilla tones are predominant. Medium to full bodied. The cigar stayed fairly consistent. It was a good cigar but not overly remarkable. Maybe I expect more from a Montecristo. Still, a good cigar.

Score: 89

Rocky Patel 2009 Winter Collection toro (6x52)

Very dark cigar. Great test draw. An absolute ton of pepper in the spice. Finish is long and peppery with some vanilla notes. There is some sweetness with this maduro but not as much as a typical maduro. This cigar is all about the pepper! Black coffee notes also. It produces a ton of smoke. Full bodied. You can feel the ligero. Quite a full bodied cigar.

Score: 90

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your review of the RP cigar. I never smoked it before, and was thinking of trying it out. I just bought a RP Vintage (1990), that I will try tomorrow.