June 01, 2009

Weekend review; May 30th and 31st, 2009

Summer heat is here! We had temps of over 90 degrees this weekend! My backporch thermometer registered a "cool" 100 degrees! Ouch! Oh well, might as well get use to it. These sort of temperatures are here to stay until October!

I reviewed 3 cigars this weekend. One of which I've reviewed before in a shorter version. This weekend's cigars are:

  • Graycliff G2 Churchill
  • San Cristobal Monumento
  • Vegas de Santiago Don Luis Secretos del Maestro Canionazo

Saturday, May 30th, 2009
Graycliff G2 Churchill (6 3/4 x 48)

Very spicy with heavy roasted almond notes. The draw was firm. There were notes of pepper here and there. The finish is rather short. If you are familiar with Graycliff cigars they are not cheap! This cigar was quite decent but not high on my "gotta get some more" list. These are around $180 or so a box. Most Graycliffs are around $20 each, so these are a bargain if you want to try a Graycliff.
Score: 86

San Cristobal Monumento (churchill) (7.2x49)
Beautiful cigar. This cigar has a pointed cap, sorta like a torpedo, but it's a churchill. Very nice citrus with ample spice and plenty of pepper. Long finish, and very nice! I've reviewed shorter versions of this cigar previously. There was a vanilla flavor on the aftertaste. The pepper lingers on the palate and the back of the throat. This cigar is made by Don Pepin Garcia for Ashton Cigars and it's one of DGP's best! An absolutely great cigar! Not a cheap cigar, however, at around $10 a pop but well worth it! Treat yourself to one!

Score: 95

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Vegas de Santiago
Don Luis Secretos del Maestro Canionazo (6x52)
H2000 wrapper. Very nice looking construction. Vegas de Santiago has been a long time supporter of our S.C. Sit Down. This small Costa Rican cigar company really makes a good cigar! I bought a box of the Don Luis churchills some time ago and quickly went through them! These are another version of the Don Luis with the H2000 wrapper. Very peppery spice with leather tones. Quickly developed nice citrus notes. The finish is nice and long with vanilla notes. At the midpoint it settled down into the citrus taste with plenty of spice and pepper. Very good cigar. I suggest you try these. Go to their website and order a sampler. They ship out of their Alabama warehouse. Visit their site at https://www.vegassantiago.com/shop/index.php
Score: 94

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mmk said...

San Cristobal is a great smoke... Nice review...