July 01, 2009

Pictoral update on The Tobacco Merchant

We made a visit to the NEW Tobacco Merchant last night. (Our favorite Tuesday night eating establishment is closed this week for a face lift. The Wild Hare is scheduled to re-open next Monday, July 6th.) So, tonight we grabbed something to eat then went to the Tobacco Merchant to get an update on the changes. When you first walk in the front door you'll see the temporary bar:

Here is a shot from the far side of the bar looking toward the front window:

The counter area where you pay for your cigars and drinks (at this time.) The new counter area will be relocated to where the temporary bar is now! (confused yet)

One of the first things, if NOT the first thing that Bill Slicer decided to do was to stock the humidor. He says it's "getting there" and plans on stocking it fuller. But, as you can see he's made some improvements:

While in there I noticed some of these rare gems in stock:

Looking from the center table toward the front window of the humidor:

Bill actually took 10 feet off the total length of the humidor but you can hardly notice it. He did a great job matching up the cedar and construction.
Here is the current sitting area. You can see some repair work on the wall:

I caught Phil enjoying a cigar:

Bill decided to transform the former office into a cigars only sitting area. To do this meant he would have to increase it's size. Remember when I said the humidor was shortened by 10 feet? Here's where it went! And, here is Bill taking up the old floor:

Once the new sitting area is completed the leather furniture will be moved in. Then the construction of the new bar will begin. It will be in the area where the old sitting area was located. The new cigar sitting area will have a 52" flat screen tv and the bar area will have 3 flat screens (not sure of their size).

Here's Paul searching for a beer for Connie:

Of course, what would Tuesday night be without our good friends:

Here's Connie at the other end of the bar:

Since these are the first pictures with my new Kodak Z712 IS camera I felt it was mandatory that I take the infamous Self Portrait, so here goes:

I decided to try the new Siglo cigar. I have seen them but never tried them. I have heard very mixed ratings on them. Some people love them, some say they're just so-so. Well, the only thing I can do is try them myself. So, here goes...
Siglo VIII (7x50)
Initially there was a lot of spice with nice pepper notes. After an inch or a little less the spice developed a very cinnamon-like flavor. The finish is long and sweet with vanilla notes. The burn was very even throughout the course of this cigar. I'd say it's medium bodied, but it tends to move in the direction of full bodied at the 2/3 point. The cinnamon notes really increased after the 1/3 point, much to my liking! The cigar stayed fairly consistent throughout. I found the cigar to be very enjoyable. I will buy more of these.
Score: 90

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