July 27, 2009

Weekend review; July 26, 2009

Busy weekend! Lake party on Saturday and helped my son move a couple things. Nothing major but no way he could do it without a truck.

Since I was so busy I'm reviewing only one cigar this week. It was given to me by Matthew Elrod about a month ago. I decided to review it today. It is:

  • Cubita Special Market Selection Gran Cubita

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cubita Special Market Selection Gran Cubita (5x50)

After helping Ty move a couple things I settled down in the leather recliner to have the cigar. This is my first try with these cigars. It's always interesting when you get to try a new cigar.

The cigar was very spicy immediately. Rather heavy citrus notes in the spice. Subtle pepper but it was nice. I was told this cigar starts out slowly but I really liked the tangy spice. I'm curious to see how it develops as I smoke it. The finish was not terribly long bu it had some peppery vanilla notes. At the midpoint the cigar developed vanilla notes. The spice stayed intense and the pepper notes were still very nice. This cigar is medium bodied. It stayed consistent from this point on. Very nice spice with vanilla notes and plenty of pepper. Thanks for a nice cigar Matt!

I'm not sure where Matt got this cigar but you can find them online by doing a search.

Score: 91

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