September 16, 2009

Southern Caribbean cruise 2009, part 3

Day 3
September 8, 2009

This is a rather poor island where the average income is $75 per week! We took a tour with Reyno Tours. We visited Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald Pool, along with several other sites.

Here is the view from the ship as we were docked:

Our guide, Crisca, and our gang:

(L-R) Diane, Tom, Connie, me, Vicki, Mark

Trafalgar Fals

Elephant ear plant

Not sure if this is a natural formation but I thought it was pretty cool!
See the face????

More falls

Emerald Pool

On the walk back we took the long way. Way off in the distance is the Atlantic Ocean. Look at the lowest point on the horizon.

We stopped off at Mr. Nice fruit stand where we sampled his items:

After a long day of treking through the jungle we settled down on deck for a cigar:

The big screen tv on deck is HUGE. For scale I decided to stand next to it. That's me in the yellow bathing suit next to it!

Mr. Bob dancing with Connie:
Super Woman????

Sunset over Dominica

The first formal night; Connie and I

Diane and Tom

Vicki and Mark

Mr. Bob and Connie
And that ends our day in Dominica and the first formal night. Tomorrow: Barbados!!!!

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