September 16, 2009

Southern Caribbean cruise 2009, part 4

Day 4
September 9, 2009

We're in beautiful Barbados! We docked in Bridgetown. Connie and I were alone on this trip since the others were ziplining in the jungle! We grabbed a taxi and went to Rockley Beach, or Accra Beach as the locals know it. The beach is adjacent to the Accra Hotel therefore the name the locals have given it. No matter the name the beach is absolutely beautiful!

The taxi dropped us off at the Bar Kan'ei where we had free use of the lounge chairs and umbrellas. To show our thanks we bought a drink or two. The local beers were $3 and I had a mojito; total was $11!!!!

More beach shots with my "model"!

I wanted to see the new boardwalk and luckily it was just down the beach, about 100 yards away. This is the beginning, or end; whichever you want to call it.

Heading back to our spot on the beach I came across this photo op:

Lifeguard stand:

Back on the lounge chair I finished my Bolivar Royal Corona:

Wonder Woman...again.


Back to the ship

Back onboard meant back to the Panarama Deck for more sun and relaxing. Here a Carnival worker paints the famous fin:

Shots of Bridgetown as seen from our deck:

Sports Stadium?

Miss Panarama Deck, 2009!
That will wrap it up for Barbados. Tomorrow we're on to St. Lucia and those famous Pitons!!!!

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