September 16, 2009

Southern Caribbean cruise 2009, part 6

Day 6
September 11, 2009

Another beautiful island. Here are pics as we approached it and after we docked:

We headed off the ship after breakfast (Connie and I) and caught one of the "zillion" taxis waiting for business! This is their slow season so there were taxis everywhere! One guy who approached us asked if we needed a taxi and when I asked "how much to take us to Jolly Beach" he said "$20 each way". That was the best price we'd heard. After a quick trip to the cigar shop upstairs in an adjacent mall we met back up with him and away we went.
Upon arriving at Jolly Beach the gentleman in the guard house told us the restaurant was closed for the winter. That meant no food, drinks, rest rooms...nothing! So, the driver suggested we go to Turner's Beach. It was close by and he thought we'd like it.

He was right. It was just right. We told him to pick us back up in 2 hours. That was a mistake. We had no idea how much fun it would be there. Before he left he gave me his business card in case we wanted to leave earlier. As it turned out I wanted to call him to ask him to give us another hour before he came back. I asked the bartender at Turner's Beach to try calling him. He did but could never get through. So, the driver arrived 2 hours later as I asked. After asking him why he didn't answer his phone I learned he forgot to charge it; the phone was dead! Oh well, we left since he showed up at the appointed time but we hated to go.

Here Connie bargains with local vendors on the beach.

I don't use oil; that's sweat! It was a hot day!

The driver took us downtown for an hour of shopping.

The driver picked us up after an hour and it was back to the ship.

We grabbed some lunch at the deli onboard then headed to the Panarama Deck for more sun and drinks. Once there I noticed a ladder hanging over the railing and was a little curious. A painter was painting the side of the ship. I don't want THAT job!

I had a very good cigar during that afternoon (along with several others). Here I'm finishing a Padron '64 25th anniversary.

Although Mr. Bob stayed onboard almost every day he would meet up with us on deck after we got back from our beach adventures.

Tonight was the Past Guest reception. Here we are with the Victory Captain.

A beautiful sunset in Antigua.

Unfortunately tomorrow is our last day but it'll be a good one. We visit St. Kitts!

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