September 21, 2009

Weekend Review; Sept. 20, 2009, LFD event, plus SC Football at Tobacco Merchant!

Wow! Having to go back to work and the real world kinda sucks after living in paradise for a week. Oh well, it just gives me more reason to plan the next trip! We're thinking that we might go to an all inclusive in Aruba or Jamaica. We'll see.
This was a busy weekend in many respects. First, we got things started on Friday night with a La Flor Dominicana event at the Maduro Room. Manny Stamathis is the rep for LFD. This was the first time I'd met Manny and quickly found out he's a personable guy. He's got a good sense of humor. Basically, he's a nut like the rest of us!

Here's Manny on the right going over some of LFD's cigars:

Steve and Grady

Mr. Bob and Connie

The new bar in the Maduro Room.

Now serving beer and wine!

Steve and Mike

Front sitting area gang

More attendees

Manny Stamathis, LFD rep, and yours truely

As with most of the Maduro Room's events there are drawings. Luck was with me again on Friday night as I won the LFD sampler! Very nice!

Now, on to Saturday night where we dropped by the Tobacco Merchant to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks football game. The back sitting area is almost complete. Here are a few shots of the big screen tv and all the leather chairs!

Meanwhile, the front bar is pretty much complete! He also installed 2 more tv's behind the bar.

Front sitting area, which will soon be enlarged:

Twig, Connie, and Thomas

Finally, my review for this weekend.
Cain Habano torpedo (6x52)
This is an all ligero cigar made by Oliva. All ligero? Wow! This should be interesting! I would expect a ton of strength and maybe even get a little dizzy from all the ligero. Let's see...
The cigar started off with intense spicy cinnamon flavor. Nice amount of pepper too. You could really feel it when you exhaled through the nose. There were vanilla notes after 3/4". The burn was laser perfect! The finish is short, however. Very, very short! Almost non-existent. Very tight ash; no splintering. I broke off the ash (for fear of it falling in my lap) after about 1 1/2 inches. Fairly full bodied but not overpowering for being an all ligero cigar. The cigar stayed pretty much consistent. The short finish killed this cigar for me. Plus, I didn't see that much "power" from this all ligero cigar. To me, the Oliva V is a better cigar and probably has more "pop".
Score: 88

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