October 19, 2009

South Carolina Sit Down no. 11

South Carolina Sit Down no. 11 is in the books. It won't take up much room in "the book" because the turnout was fairly typical of the fall event. We had 25 people attend but we had a great time. I would like to point out that John Perry, aka RebelJohn, and Eric Webster both drove in from Raleigh, North Carolina. Plus, Casey McBrayer drove down from Rutherfordton, North Carolina. That speaks volumes as to the commitment to the event. Everyone else was from close by.
The reality that this could be the last Sit Down we hold due to the fact that Lexington County will enact the smoking ban on January 1st, 2010 began to set in as the afternoon wore on. I am hoping that we can still work something out. I'll know more as we approach the first of the year.

Altadis provided us with 2 boxes of Mi Dominicana churchills to hand out. I would like to thank them for their continued support.
Now to the pics of the day. (I seemed to have caught people in some "interesting" poses!)

Yours truely

Matthew Elrod
Jack Porter and friend

Jim Turner

Eric Webster, Raleigh, NC

Brent Downing

Mark Lewis (what tha?)

Connie with Casey McBrayer of Ruthfordton, N.C.

Twig Gray

The Raleigh boys! John Perry and Eric Webster

Jim Massengale

Now we look forward to S.C. Sit Down no. 12, which is scheduled for April 17th, 2010. As I learn more about the smoking ban I will pass on the news here.

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Tim, I'm afraid I will not be able to attend. I'm leaving the country a couple days later, so I'm going to need to focus on getting ready for that..