October 05, 2009

Weekend review; October 4th, 2009, plus lunch for Jeremy

First off, we met at Connie's mom's house (otherwise known as the mother in law) for a late lunch in honor of Jeremy Yon who just got back from his third (I believe) tour of Iraq. Jeremy has done very well in the army but I'm sure he's seen enough of Iraq at this point. He'll head back to his base in Texas this week. But, while he was in town we had a lunch for him. Diane had her delicious prime rib and it was amazing! Jeremy's a "nut" and loves life! He plays hard while he's at home on leave. While we kid Jeremy a lot I cannot thank him enough for serving our country. If the army is full of guys like him we can definitely sleep easy at night.

Here's a pic of Jeremy in one of his "silent" moments!

Me, Jeremy, and Connie

We left Diane's house around 6:15 because Connie wanted to go by the cemetery to see Harvey's grave marker. Harvey (Connie's step father and Diane's husband) died April 3rd and the grave marker is just getting placed! I have no idea what took so long.

Rest in peace, Harvey.
For this weekend's review I had a La Flor Dominica Double Ligero DL700 (6.5x60)
A beautiful chocolate brown cigar. Very dense feeling. From the first the cigar had very spicy cinnamon with nice black pepper. This is a full bodied cigar. It would be a good idea to have eaten something before smoking this cigar. It's not harsh or overly strong but it does have double ligero and unlike some other cigars that say they are double ligero this one definitely is! The finish is long with peppery vanilla notes. The cigar does not change much; it stays very consistent. I highly recommend this cigar to any full bodied cigar lover.
Score: 93

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