November 23, 2009

Weekend review; October 21st and 22nd, 2009

Finally finished painting the back deck Saturday afternoon. This was, of course, after getting up this week's leaves! Luckily the trees are getting pretty bare so not much more of this!

With a very rainy Sunday it was a good weekend to try several new cigars.

This weeks cigars are:

  1. Trinidad Belicoso
  2. La Flor Dominicana L400 Cabinet
  3. Perdomo Golf Edition Churchill
  4. Perdomo Reserve Oscuro 'E'

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Trinidad Belicoso (6x52)

This cigar was supplied by Altadis USA. The cigar had cinnamon spice with almonds and some pepper. The draw was firm. The finish is average with almond notes. It was medium bodied. Decent cigar.

Score: 88
La Flor Dominicana L400 Cabinet (5 3/4x54)

Tangy cinnamon spice with some pepper. Finish is long with vanilla notes. Sweet grapefruit notes. This cigar was soft and underfilled. This is unusual for LFD. The cigar burned unevenly too. I have to score the cigar based on "as is" but I will give these another try later. The flavor was very good, however.

Score: 87
Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Perdomo Golf Edition Churchill (7x50)

Almond notes at light up quickly changing to grapefruit citrus spice. Just a dash of pepper noted. The finish is short with almond notes. At midpoint the pepper increased slightly. The citrus notes are very heavy but the actual spice is not. This is the biggest drawback of this cigar. Quite a mild cigar for a Nicaraguan. A decent cigar but lacks pop.

Score: 86
Perdomo Reserve Oscuro 'E' (6x50)

Powerful peppery seet spice with citrus tones! Wow, that's about everything I like! Very nice pepper and lots of it. Finish is long with vanilla notes. Black coffee noted. Interesting cigar; the tangy citrus combined with sweetness and massive amounts of pepper. Oscuro is not a maduro but it is sweet and dark. Perdomo has really upped their game lately making some very good cigars. Almond notes noted at midpoint. Nice cigar.

Score: 91

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