May 13, 2010

Surprise visit by Snipersnest!

I knew Herb was coming my direction on his way back to the Boston, Massachusetts area from a trip through Kentucky but I expected to see him Thursday. Well, today I decided to check in with him to see how his schedule was coming and he told me he was in route to me as we spoke! After determining that he would probably be here around 7:00 pm I told him to call me when he arrived. He actually called at 6:10 pm while I was in the gym. I returned his call as soon as I got to the car. We decided to meet up at Hemingways Saloon at 8:00. When Connie and I arrived Herb, his cousin Ed, and soon to be son in law, Chris, were there waiting for us. It was good to finally meet Herb. We have spoken on the phone several times and he's a good friend on the HCF cigar board but this was the first time we'd met. I shared some cigars with Herb and his son in law, then we all enjoyed a 2008 PSD4.

I suggested we go to the Tobacco Merchant after dinner where we would have more comfortable seating and a much quieter environment. We did. They were quite impressed with the shop. After grabbing a beer from the bar we headed to the back sitting area where the stories flowed. Even though we live very far apart and speak with very different accents it was amazing at how much we had in common. The visit continued until I noticed a light go out in the bar area. The store was closing! We had sat and talked until the shop 11:30 pm! Luckily, Paul, a manager at the Tobacco Merchant, was willing to snap a photo of all of us before he locked the doors for the night.

(L-R) Ed, Chris, Herb, me, Connie

I know Herb and the guys drove out of their way to see us and I want them to know how much we appreciate it. I only wish the visit could have been longer. Hopefully we will meet again in the future. Again proving that the thread between cigar lovers is extremely strong.


Zogie said...

I missed Herb this trip through. He went into Columbus Ohio for a 10# cream-puff, and got there late. Glad to see you and Herb were able to meet up. He is a great guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about Southern Hospitality. Tim and Connie are the best. We felt like we've known you all our lives. Sorry to have missed BDO, but we had a blow out on the expressway and we lost a lot of time locating a replacement tire. The boys and I, would like to make another trip to Columbia. Glad I invested in the book, "Southern Speak for Dummies", so I could understand you. Thanks for everything. Herb