June 28, 2010

It's official. June, 2010 is the hottest June on record! I can believe it too! The thermometer on the back porch showed over 105 degrees yesterday! But it was a good weekend overall. We started off Friday night with the Camacho event at the Tobacco Merchant. Zev Kaminetsky, Camacho rep, was on hand for the event.

The old "I'm being held up" routine starring Grier Mangum and Zev.

Featured cigars; Camacho Corojo and Legendario

Zev Kaminetsky, Camacho rep (with trademark hat)

Me with Zev.

Darryl Smalls

Thing one and Thing two

Bill Slicer, shop owner


Great time. Always good to see Zev!

On to the reviews.

This weekend I reviewed 2 cigars supplied by Cigars Direct. They are:

  • 5 Vegas Limitada 2008

  • 5 Vegas AAA robusto

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Cigarsdirect.com has several 5 Vegas Limitada's to choose from.  This is the 2008 version, which is the oldest version. It was the original 5 Vegas Limitada. The cigar was medium brown in color. It was very veiny. Large veins ran the length of the cigar in several places. The first draws were intense cinnamon spice with very nice black pepper. The draw was very good. Citrus was noted shortly after 1/4" After an inch or so the cigar settled into a very nice cinnamon/citrus spice with just the right amount of pepper. The cigar stayed consistent thereafter. I found this to be a very good cigar that I could smoke again.

Score: 90

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

5 Vegas A has long been a good maduro cigar. This version was no different, starting off with sweet grapefruit notes and nice black pepper. Black coffee noted. The finish was long with almond notes. Pretty much a one dimensional cigar that didn't change. That being said it was enjoyable and a good, basic maduro cigar that any maduro lover will enjoy.

Score: 87


Finally, with the exterior house painting completed I wanted to show it off a little. Below are some pics of the house and a few interesting notes.

Ours is a Charleston style house that is patterned after the houses in downtown Charleston, SC. Typical of this style of house is the false front door which leads to a porch where the main entrance door is located.

Quote a bit of exterior trim.

The fire marker, seen to the left of the front entrance door, is something houses in Charleston had to denote which fire department the homeowner was insured with. When there was a fire all the different fire departments showed up and only the one you were insured with would put out the fire. If you had no insurance with any of the fire departments your house would burn to the ground. This is a copy of the old fire markers that we picked up in Charleston many years ago. Every few years I have to repaint it as it becomes weathered. I just repainted it, so here it is in living color!

 There you have it. The newly painted Casa de Tiny! Next weekend we'll be at our son's wedding in Michigan where several good celebratory cigars will be smoked! Full report when we get back.

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