June 07, 2010

Weekend review; June 5th and 6th, 2010

Hot weekend. The yard work was tough! Very humid too. But...it got done. Now on to the reviews.

Cigars reviewed this weekend:

  • Montecristo Media Noche no. 2 Torpedo

  • G.A.R. robusto
  • La Aroma de Cuba Immensa

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Montecristo Media Noche no. 2 torpedo (6.1x54)

Very dark, almost black cigar. The draw was very firm. It started off with lots of coffee notes in the spice with a little pepper. Medium bodied. I waited for more but it never came. Outside of coffee there were sweet notes at the midpoint but not overly so. Sadly, not a very remarkable Montecristo. If you like black coffee, and like your cigars to taste that way, this is the cigar for you. I love my coffee but I like a little more in a cigar.

Score: 85

G.A.R. robusto (5x50)

This was my first experience with this cigar. Cigars Direct supplied it to review but I had no idea of what to expect. It started with a peppery spice and notes of citrus and almonds. Very light vanilla notes. Medium bodied leaning toward full. The finish was long with semi sweet vanilla notes. I found this to be a very good cigar that I would like to smoke more.

Score: 90

La Aroma de Cuba Immensa (5 1/2 x 60)

Fat cigar! I have reviewed this cigar in a smaller ring previously but I wanted to see how the flavor changed, if any, in a large ring version. Dark Brown color. One thing I noticed right off the bat was the cigar had a great draw. It felt firm and dense too. There were leathery sweet citrus notes in the spice and black pepper initially. The finish was long with sweet notes of almonds. The sweetness and pepper linger. The burn was very even. This is not always the case with large ring cigars.

Light cinnamon notes popped up at the midpoint but these were faint. The sweet pepper notes are very nice. Full bodied. Very good cigar. The only difference between this and the smaller ring version seemed to be a little less black pepper.

Score: 91

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