June 01, 2010

Memorial Day weekend Xikar event with weekend reviews

The weekend started off with a nice cigar event at the Maduro Room in Lexington. Xikar was in town with Nelson Boronat, Southeast Direct Sales Rep.  This was my first experience with Xikar cigars although I am well aware of Xikar, having 3 of their cutters and a pair of their scissors. Below is a pic of us.
(L-R) Grady, Nelson, me

Speaking of Grady, owner of The Maduro Room, here he is fresh off a couple months of a newborn in his house! He appears to be fairly normal!

Now on to some random shots of the evening.

No, he's not blowing a kiss. His jowls are just full!

I'm just reading for the articles!

Being Memorial Day weekend it was a good time for some good cigars. Here is the list:

  • Tatuaje Black torpedo tubo

  • Nica Libre 1990 Diplomatico

  • 2009 Camacho Liberty

  • Padron 45th Anniversary no. 45 maduro

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Tatuaje Black torpedo tubo (6 1/8x52)

The cigar started off with a very intense cinnamon and leather spice with a ton of black pepper. There were faint notes of vanilla and citrus. Full bodied cigar. The finish was long with raw almond notes. The black pepper really lingers. Cinnamon notes become more prevelent after an inch. The finish took on a slightly sweet nature with faint vanilla notes. Very good cigar.

Score: 91

Nica Libre 1990 Diplomatico (Churchill) (7x52)

This cigar is sold by Cigars International and Cigarbid.com. I have seen them advertise this cigar as a Padron-esque cigar for much less money. After seeing that promise for awhile I decided to try a five pack from cigarbid. The cigar is rectangular square pressed and very dark. The band even reminds you a little of the Padron band. It started off with an almond spice with some pepper and light sweetness. Coffee was noted. While the cigar looks good and is priced right it is not Padron-esque in any way. I am glad I only got a 5 pack.

Score: 82

Sunday, May 31, 2010
2009 Camacho Liberty (6x56)

These cigars come in individual coffins.

Each individually numbered

Tissue wrapped

The cigar is rather football shaped, meaning that the foot and cap are one ring gauge with the center point being much fatter. In this case the foot is about a 48 ring and the cigar balloons up to a 56 at the 2/3 point from the foot then back to a 48 at the cap.

This year's version of the Liberty is a dark cigar; a maduro, which started with a very intense peppery vanilla spice with almond undertones. There was a twangy citrus-like note in the spice. The finish was long with sweet almond notes.

At the 2/3 point of the smoke there are cinnamon notes in the spice with nice black pepper. The finish remains sweet with almond notes. The pepper lingers nicely. Very good cigar. One that Camacho can be very proud of.

Score: 93

Monday, June 1, 2010
Padron 45th Anniversary no. 45 Maduro (6x52)

In my haste to have this cigar I forgot to snap a picture of it before I smoked it! Luckily I found this pic online which shows how it looks.

A rectangular square pressed beauty that is a dark brown. It started with a tremendous amount of spice with heavy notes of citrus and pepper. Notes of vanilla and leather are mixed in. The finish is long with peppery and slightly sweet notes of raw almonds. Fantastic lingering pepper. The black pepper and citrus combine to make a powerful spice. Medium-plus bodied; not really overpowering, but very, very good. A fantastic cigar. I did manage to remember to take a pic of the bands after I smoked the cigar.
Score: 95

Now, a quick note about something I referenced for the past couple weeks. If you remember, Connie and I have been painting our bedroom. We started 4 weekends ago with what was thought to be a 2 weekend (at most) job. Well, we finally finished it this weekend! Man, does that feel good! Below are some pics of our work with pics of a new-antique sofa Connie found at a consignment store with a brand new side chair. The trim paint we used was a high gloss oil base. The sheen in person is just as it appears in the pics; wet gloss!

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