August 22, 2010

Brickhouse Bash/Weekend review; August 21 and 22, 2010

Friday night started off with the Brickhouse Bash at the Maduro Room. David Ludwig was on hand to give all info on these fairly new cigars from Fuente. Brickhouse cigars are a Nicaraguan cigar that is moderately priced. A churchill is less than $6. As usual, I snapped plenty of pics from the evening.

Me with David Ludwig

David Ludwig 

Mark Lewis 

Grady Marsh, store owner 

That's not on your diet!!!! 

Steve Miller 

Eddie Weaver with a mouthful of pizza 


My beautiful bride 

Mr. Bob 

Saturday was a busy day! I did the usual yard work but afterwards I hung a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Did Connie buy the one I told her to? No. She got to Lowes and found one that SHE liked better! The problem is it was also much harder to put up! Bottom line; got it done.

Here are this weekend's reviewed cigars:

  • My Father La Reloba Seleccion Habano
  • Olor Fuerte robusto
  • CAO CX2 robusto

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Father (Don Pepin Garcia) La Reloba Seleccion Habano toro (6 1/4x54)

A medium brown cigar that has a nice ring gauge; 54. This is a new cigar from Don Pepin Garcia and My Father Cigars.

The cigar has a good draw. It started off with a sweet cinnamon spice with hints of vanilla and nice pepper. Nice pepper when blown through the nose. The finish is semi-sweet raw almonds. This is very different for Pepin. If you recall, most of his cigars have massive amounts of citrus notes. This cigar has faint citrus notes but the sweet cinnamon is the headliner. This is also a very affordable cigar from Pepin. At about $6.50 a stick (for the toro size) it is one of the lowest priced Pepin's you'll find in your local shop's humidor. This cigar is also available in a Sumatra wrapper. Both wrappers are from Ecuador. Good cigar and as I said before, different for Pepin but a GOOD different. They are at your local shop now so I suggest you try one. Medium bodied at best.

Score: 91

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today I begin reviewing some cigars provided by Famous Smoke Shop. I will be giving my feedback on several cigars selected by them for me to review. The first cigar is from Olor Fuerte Cigars.

Olor Fuerte robusto (5x50)

This is a very dark cigar but it is not a maduro. It's called a dark natural and dark it is. With a name like Fuerte I expected this cigar to have some pop to it. Fuerte means heavy, intense, bold, fierce. The cigar started with a raw almond spice with coffee notes and very little pepper. I would put this cigar at medium bodied. Unfortunately the name "Fuerte" does not hold true, at least in my mind. As I smoked the cigar I picked up some semi-sweet notes and some light citrus notes. The coffee notes were consistent. The finish was one of semi-sweet raw almonds. This cigar would be good for a beginner cigar smoker who wanted to experiment with darker cigars. The cigar improved in the second half with more intense almond spice with a touch more pepper. The finish was also better with more sweetness on the raw almond flavor.

Score: 84

The second cigar from Famous Smoke Shop was the CAO CX2 Cigars robusto. This is a double Cameroon cigar with the binder and the wrapper both being African Cameroon. I love a good Cameroon cigar so this cigar peaked my interest.

CAO CX2 robusto (5x52)

This cigar started with a sweet roasted almond flavor spice average pepper. With twice the amount of Cameroon in this cigar I expected it to be very sweet but it lacks the overpowering sweetness I expected. The finish is very nice, however. It was very long with the sweet notes I expect from a Cameroon cigar. The sweetness lingers with notes of almonds and a touch of pepper. This cigar is best experienced when blown through the nose. Doing this really shows off the pepper. The roasted almonds are very obvious. The sweet notes make it very enjoyable. Although at this point the cigar  lacks the powerful sweetness I expected it makes up some of those losses with a fantastic finish. At the 1/3 point the cigar seemed to improve with greater sweetness in the spice. Although dinner, or supper as we call it here in the south, interrupted the smoke the cigar picked right up where it left off with nice, sweet roasted almond spice with improved black pepper notes. At the midpoint the cigar had improved to the point I thought it was pretty good. The cigar ended up with a nice flavor and very nice spice. I enjoyed the cigar very much after the first 1/3.

Score: 89 

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