August 09, 2010

Weekend review; August 6-8, 2010

My birthday was Friday, August 6th and it was a nice one. I turned 52 years old! Yikes, that's old! But, I feel great and am very happy with my life. After work Connie and I went to Hemingways, just like usual, and there I found Mr. Bob (just like usual) but also my son, Ty and his wife Meghan, and Chelsea with her new boyfriend Joe Bond. Everyone had presents for me! I loved that, of course. Mr. Bob and Joe both gave me $25 gift cards to the Tobacco Merchant, always a welcomed present. Then Ty hands me a big box. After taking the wrapping off it revealed a Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop! I am writing this post on it right now! It's a very nice, fast laptop. I have never owned a laptop before. It's great to be able to sit in the living room in my leather recliner and surf the web! Thanks to all for my presents! Here it is:

I set aside some very good cigars for the day, too. Here's a pic of my birthday cigars:

Actually, I didn't get a chance to smoke them all. I started the day with the Ramon Allones Special Select. I smoked it on the ride into work and finished it at the office. Then when I had to leave the office in late morning I had the Bolivar Royal Corona. In the late afternoon Robby Yon, who is our Parts Manager, gave me an El Baton for my birthday. I smoked it on the spot! Good cigar! Later that afternoon Henry Richardson gave me a Rocky Patel Edge maduro cigar! I had to save it for a later date since I was smoking the El Baton. The cigar lasted most of my ride to Hemingways. After dinner I lit up the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro. It lasted to the end of the evening. The Cohiba Siglo VI and the PSD4 will have to wait for another time.

Now, on to the reviews. The cigars reviewed are:

Litto Gomez Diez 2009 Lusitano Sumatra (6x54)

Notice the 2009 designation on the side of the band:

Very nice cinnamon spice with plenty of pepper and notes of sweetness. Vanilla notes hide beneath the cinnamon spice. The finish was somewhat a mix of almonds and molasses; fairly sweet. The ash was very tight. The draw was very good and the cigar produced a ton of smoke. I am familiar with Litto Gomez cigars and I expected this cigar to be very powerful. It didn't disappoint but it was not a "knock you down" cigar. Still full bodied, it was very balanced and flavorful. Not simply having strength; it had flavor! This is a very good cigar that I would call medium to full bodied. If you like well balanced cigars with plenty of cinnamon spice and pepper you'll love this one! Oh, by the way, this was one of the cigars that Ty gave me for being his best man in his wedding!

Bottom line: Great cigar, a little on the expensive side at around $11 each. I'd love to have more!

Score: 93

Oh, remember that PSD4 that I did not smoke on my birthday? Well, I had it Sunday afternoon after the gym.

It was, as usual, fantastic! These are from September, 2007, the first year the LCDH was open in Roatan, Honduras. I bought a box and still have a few left.

That's it for this weekend. See you next week!

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