September 12, 2010

Couples Sans Souci Resort, Day 2, September 5, 2010

Day 2 started with a trip to the beach, which was only about 25 steps out our back door. The beach was nice with beautiful, calm water that was warm and inviting.

The unknown beach roamer.



Connie during one of her numerous beach walking adventures.

Yours truly enjoying a fine cigar.

My beautiful wife and I

Tom and Diane

The boys

The beach bar was adjacent to our favorite spot. That was very convenient!

My beach babe.

Today's cigar; a Montecristo Edmundo

Tom with cigar on his way to the bar.

Vicki and Diane under the umbrella 

Connie under the palm

The palms made a nice photo op

Me with a My Father cigar.

There were some amazing trees on the property. I love this one.

 A view from the upper level. Our spot was just to the left of the high pitched black roof, which is the beach bar.

Connie on the beach as seen from the upper level.

Now, some amazing ocean pics from the same level.

Tom and Diane in one of the hammocks

There were stairs everywhere! These lead down to the wedding gazebo and mineral pools.

 The wedding gazebo

The weight room to the right; the mineral pool is the white circular area.

Another ocean view

The ocean had some amazing colors. Here is a light round area that was a shallow spot.

The tower elevator that also housed the spa area.

Another view of the mineral pool area and weight room.

The natural mineral pool, or Grotto.

A simply beautiful pic (adjacent to the weight room)

The mineral pool

The bar at the Mineral Pool which served non-alcoholic drinks and beer.

The Mineral Pool water analysis

A nice waterfall adjacent to the mineral pool

Another gazebo adjacent to the Mineral Pool

Sitting area at Gazebo

A super sized chess set.

Look at that water!

As I made my way back to the beach I caught Connie on a raft.

The beachfront complex

Heading back down to the beach I took the stairs which had vines growing into the stone retaining wall.

After a little beach time Connie and I went back to the natural mineral pool, or Grotto

There are little fish that live in the water of the Grotto. They swim around your feet but don't bite.

The water in the Grotto is very cold! It's fed by a natural spring.

After we finished with the Grotto we went back to the beach to finish the day.

Another wonderful day in paradise!

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