September 14, 2010

Couples Sans Souci Resort, Day 6, September 9, 2010

Today (Thursday) started off with a little rain but a rainy day in paradise is better than a good day at work. We went out to the beach but quickly got run off by the rain. Connie and I sat on the porch and watched the rain.

Soon it was time for Tom and Diane's wedding. It was actually a vow renewal since they got married originally with only the pastor and a witness. The girls had a toast to begin the ceremony.

The guys got together and headed up to the game room to wait for our signal to make our way to the wedding gazebo.

This shot was taken from the top of the hill adjacent to the game room and guest services lobby.

While we waited we checked email on the resort computers.

Jim just sat and relaxed.

The photo table in the background. They took several pictures each night and you could drop by and view them and decide which ones you wanted to purchase.

Then the time came to make our way to the wedding gazebo. Here the bride arrives.

The ceremony begins

You may now kiss your bride!

To see the actual vow renewal ceremony click here

Signing the certificate.

The witnesses also signed.

The pastor gives the wedding certificate.

Wedding cake


After the ceremony and lunch I made my way back to the beach. The weather had cleared up by this time. Here I enjoy a Oliva Cain.

Mark got into cigar mode also.

I decided today would be a good day to walk around the property and snap various photos. This is our building. They call it B-Block. Tom and Diane's room is on the corner. Our room was next to theirs.

The Balloon Bar.

The reason for the name became obvious when you looked up.

The views were amazing!

The Mineral Pool as seen from above. The weight room is in the ground floor of the building at the top.

I found the gym to be very well equipped for a resort. I worked out 3 days while on site.

All the time you're working out you have a beautiful view of the ocean.

More pics of the resort

The Wedding Gazebo (see the flowers on the posts that were decorations for the wedding?)

A little friend I found.

A waterfall next to the Mineral Pool

There was a sauna just down some stairs next to the Mineral Pool. There were also massage tables there.

The decorations in the Wedding Gazebo for the wedding.

Up the stairs and heading back to the beach.

Palazzina Restaurant on the left. Our building on the right.

Our building

Palazzina Restaurant

There was a happy hour from 6 - 7 pm on Thursday night. Here we are with some of the staff.

We met a couple from West Columbia.

The bar

Connie next to an ice sculpture

Us with the Couples Sans Souci Manager, Mr.  Pierre Battaglia

Group shot

At 7 pm we headed up the hill to the Ristorante Casanova.
The cuisine at ‘Casanova’ features an eclectic mix of different traditional food styles fused with tropical Jamaican and Caribbean ingredients.

Ginger and Jim

Vicki and Mark

Diane and Tom

Connie and me

The piano player

Sadly, there is only one more day left at the resort but we'll make it a good one!

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