September 14, 2010

Couples Sans Souci Resort, Day 7, September 10, 2010

Our last day started off bright and sunny. When we left to go to the beach we saw some sort of construction going on. This was part of the Grand Gala that is to take place tonight. I have several pictures of the various stages of construction. They do this every Friday. I believe they started around 9 am.

Connie was in beach form early...and often! She usually had Red Stripe beer but in this pic those are Diet Cokes.

The first cigar of the day was a nice Cohiba churchill

Our last beach pic together before we left.

The construction continues...

Our beach bag's usual the shade under a palm

My little beach walker

Ginger found a shady spot to read

Yeah, I'm relaxed

The view never got old

Another My Father...very nice!! That's Connie in the background walking along the beach.

I think Connie looks great in her bikini. Here she is on one of her daily strolls along the beach while Jim floats in the ocean.

My beach babe!
Heading back to the room

And...the construction continues...

I absolutely loved the trees

In the early afternoon Connie and I decided to hit the gift shop. Here are the flags at the entrance of the resort.

These were strange trees that looked a little like cedars.

While in the gift shop Connie found a new bathing suit

The construction is completed! This was around 4 pm

Then the food started coming out!

I popped back into the room to get my shower and get dressed. When Connie and I went to the gift shop I stopped by the front office of the resort to get some smaller bills for tips, etc. These would be needed for the cab rides to the airport and the porters. I had 2 50's that needed to be broken. The resort gave me 20 $1 bills and the rest 5's. I forgot I had them in my pocket when I went back to the beach, so they got soaked! I realized it when I was sitting in the ocean. So, I had to lay them out in the bathroom to let them dry out. Don't get too excited...look at the denominations. It looks cool though.

Outside the ice sculptures were amazing

The band stage

Everything is ready and people started showing up.

More food!

The food at the Gala was amazing! We had a great time.

And so our trip to Sans Souci is over...for now. We WILL be back. I can highly recommend this resort for anyone who wants to relax and be surrounded by a fantastic staff. Thank you Sans Souci for a wonderful vacation!!!!

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