October 06, 2010

Re-review of the Perdomo Habano Corojo torpedo

When looking up another cigar I came across this post from January of this year. I was amazed at the score I gave the Perdomo Habano Corojo torpedo! I've had these a lot lately and they are MUCH better than my score showed. I wrote:

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Perdomo Habano Corojo torpedo (6 1/4 x 54)

I reviewed this cigar in the Gordo size, 6x60, way back in October, 2007. I noticed I gave notes on the cigar but never gave it an actual rating! Weird. Oh well, I'm reviewing AND rating this cigar. Here goes:

It started off with cinnamon spice and nice pepper. There were leather notes. Draw was good. The finish was long with notes of raw almonds. At the 1/3 point citrus was noted. The pepper in the cinnamon spice is intense. The cigar settled into a cinnamon/citrus spice with nice pepper. It was a good cigar but it lacked pop overall. I enjoyed it but it's not as good as the Grand Cru or Patriarch I reviewed recently.

Score: 87

The above review is wrong about not being as good as the Grand Cru or Patriarch. It is! It's also has much more citrus than the above review says. In short, it's a very good cigar. Today, I easily give this cigar a 91; no problem. These are also available in the local shops. Try them. The corojo is my favorite. This just goes to show that tastes can change, or perhaps a little humidor time helps. Either way, this is a great cigar and one that I regularly go to.

Score: 91

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