October 24, 2010

Weekend reviews; October 23 and 24, 2010

Saturday was Connie's birthday! She's...well...I guess it's bad form to tell a lady's age but I can tell you she's 5 years younger than me! I know she's my wife but I think she looks fantastic. She works out hard and it really shows. I got her birthday present a month or so ago, just after getting back from Jamaica. She saw a  watch that she wanted, so we went to the store and bought it. She really likes it. She also got her nails done today courtesy of a gift certificate from Ginger and Jim.



Happy Birthday Connie! Hope you had a great day!

Now, let's look at some cigar reviews. This week I'm reviewing:

  • Hoyo de Tracidion Toro Grande
  • E. P. Carrillo Core Line churchill



Hoyo de Tradicion Toro Grande (6.25x54)


The General Cigar site says this about the cigar:

Hoyo de Tradición is blended from proprietary tobaccos from the world’s most revered growing regions. Born of volcanic soil into a pedigree of tobacco exclusive to General Cigar, the blend consists of hand-selected Honduran San Agustin, and Dominican Piloto Cubano leaves, which are married to Nicaraguan tobacco from the remote island of Ometepe. Bound with a robust Habano leaf from Connecticut, Hoyo de Tradición is adorned with a Honduran Jamastran Viso Rosado wrapper. The result is a Spanish box pressed cigars that is smooth, medium bodied and rich in flavor.

The cigar is box pressed in a square shape but not a sharp box press. Reddish brown in color. Nice feel in the hand. The cigar starts with a lot of orange citrus. It also had notes of leather and almonds. There is some pepper but not a great deal. The finish is pretty much raw almonds and it is somewhat short. The cigar is medium bodied. The pepper seems to increase around the midpoint. The predominant orange notes make the cigar very nice while the leather and almond notes add for a really nice tasting cigar. Pepper tends to linger on the finish just past the midpoint. A nice cigar.

Score: 88



E. P. Carrillo Core Line churchill (7 1/8x49)




They also appear to be triple capped. Click on the pic to enlarge.

I previously reviewed the Short Run version of this cigar. As you can see, I liked the cigar. I have been told that this new cigar is even better. I bought a churchill and a robusto to try. Today I am reviewing the churchill.

The cigar had some nice semi-sweet grapefruit citrus with cinnamon and tea notes along with a good amount of black pepper. The finish was a little short with lightly sweet raw almonds. Pepper notes lingered on the finish. The grapefruit spice is the star of this cigar. It is first and foremost. Good draw and burn. At the midpoint there are some citrus notes on the finish, which I really liked. I'd call this cigar medium bodied at this point. About 2/3 through some faint leather notes appear. The cigar works toward being full bodied at this point also. Good cigar. I would not say it's better than the Short Run but a good cigar nonetheless.

Score: 90

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