January 26, 2011

Cigars and the high seas!

Picture this: It's late summer and you're looking for a get away. The temperatures in the south have been hovering around 100 for way too long. Wouldn't a vacation sound good about now? What are you doing for Labor Day. You're probably off that day anyway. What about that week? You could be on a Caribbean cruise during Labor Day week visiting 4 great ports of call in 7 days. Well, we've got just such a cruise planned and you're invited to come along. We even have great rates to tempt you.

We have rooms on the Panorama Deck of the Carnival Legend, sailing out of Tampa, Florida, leaving Sunday, September 4th and returning Sunday, September 11th, 2011. 7 nights aboard the Legend sailing the high seas and smoking some great cigars! The ship has a cigar lounge and since we have a balcony you can smoke cigars out there too! Also on the pool deck, on the starboard (right) side of the ship.

The Carnival Legend is 963' long and carries 2124 passengers. The Panorama Deck is the top passenger deck. We also have a balcony! Our travel agent has a block of rooms set aside in hopes others will join us. The best cruise ship rooms fill up fast so contact Phyllis Gibson of The Travel Connection soon if you're interested. To see the Legend's deck plans click this link. The cruise cost for 2 people is roughly $1500, including port charges.

The cruise includes your food, entertainment, and room. You are responsible for your alcohol and other things like photos, souvenirs, etc. Now, what ports are we visiting? Glad you asked! Here's the itinerary:
Day/Date                               Port               Time (arrive and depart)
Sunday, Sep 04                 Tampa, FL                       4:00pm

Monday, Sep 05            Fun Day at Sea

Tuesday, Sep 06          Cozumel, Mexico           9:00am 6:00pm

Wednesday, Sep 07              Belize                    8:00am 5:00pm

Thursday, Sep 08             Isla Roatan                 8:00am 3:00pm

Friday, Sep 09               Grand Cayman            10:00am 6:00pm

Saturday, Sep 10          Fun Day at Sea

Sunday, Sep 11               Tampa, FL                        8:00am

Now, a little about this trip as it appeals to you cigar lovers! Among the beautiful destinations there are 3 La Casa del Habano's that we'll be visiting! LCDH's are authorized Cuban cigar franchise shops and the only place you can be guaranteed you're getting legitimate cigars.

Cozumel: A brand new La Casa del Habano just opened in Cozumel last year and from what I hear it's beautiful! Leather chairs, stocked humidor, and a bar. What more can you ask for? It's located downtown near the ferry port where the ships go back and forth to Playa del Carmen. I will definitely be visiting this shop! After that, you might travel out to one of the dozens of great beaches that Cozumel offers of stay downtown and shop. Paradise Beach is a great place to enjoy the sand and sun.

Belize: Sorry, no LCDH here, but if you like diving you'll love Belize! There is also a great beach on one of the keys adjacent to Belize. I think we'll be going there. When we arrive in Belize we are transported to the mainland via tender. The water is too shallow for the ship to dock.

Isla Roatan, Honduras: This is a beautiful island that is rather rustic. The people are very friendly. And yes, there is an LCDH here too! The last time I was there the prices were pretty good, much better than Mexico's LCDH. You should be able to get some good cigars at a good price here. The water around Roatan is beautiful! I love this island.

Grand Caymen: Our last stop but a new one for me. There is an LCDH very close to the ship; within walking distance. Of course, I'll be visiting their shop. After that it's off to the beach! From what I've heard the prices of everything in Grand Caymen are high, so be forewarned.

The days at sea are great to recharge your batteries. You'll see most people lounging on the lido deck. Our rooms are just below the lido deck so we'll be very close to all the action. There are many things to do while on board so you won't be bored.

You might wonder if you'd use your balcony enough to warrant one but my guess is you'll never cruise without one once you experience it. You can simply open the door and walk out to view the ocean, watch the ship pull into and out of port, gaze at the stars at night, of just hang out. The balcony is a must for us!

We'd love to have you join us. If you're interested contact Phyllis soon and secure your spot on the ship!


Steve said...

I did this trip in Nove 2010 on the Valor. The LCDH in GC is easey to find and is a great place to have a Cigar,coffe and chat. There is another cigar store there as well that carries other brans as well. The LCDh in Cozumel was closed the day we visited.

Anonymous said...

A Carnival Rep told me that indoor cigar smoking has been eliminated on all Carnival ships. I have had to book my next two cruises on NCL because they are still cigar friendly. Too bad because Carnival was my favorite cruise line.

John, Alabama

Tiny Tim said...


That is incorrect. Only certain Carnival ships do not allow cigar smoking anywhere inside. Most have a designated club that allows cigars, usually a jazz club. The stupid thing they are now doing is the former cigar bars no longer allow cigars. This is just crazy. Cigars are still allowed on your balcony and on one side of the outside decks; either port or starboard. Check with the particular ship to find out which side.

A Mom's Life in a World of Boys said...

We are going on this cruise April 29 through May 6th 2012 and can't wait. Main reason we decided on this was because of your post. My husband loves cigars and he wants to visit as many of the places you suggested. If you have any advice for us we would appreciate.


Tiny Tim said...

Thanks Monica! You will LOVE this cruise! I'm sure you've see my post of our trip: http://tinytimblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/carnival-legend-cruise-2011.html

The only thing I would do differently is FIND the LCDH in Roatan. I know it's there but for the life of me I could not find it.

The LCDH's in Coz and Grand Cayman are great! Best place to buy a box is Grand Cayman. Box prices are much better there than Cozumel. Check out our trip and you will get a good idea of what the various places look like.

Have fun!!!!!