January 26, 2011

Nathan Saab, great cigar buddy

Nate was a happy, young man. He loved his cigars and the cigar business. I first met Nate when he owned Paradise Cigars in Charlotte, NC. We would travel up to his shop almost monthly for his "events". No, these were not always events that had cigar reps attending. Most of the time they were simply cigar lovers getting together to hang out for the day. He would have a huge grill filled with all sorts of great food or, on another occasion he had a chili cook off. His shop was a great gathering place.

(L-R) Jeff Godfrey of Perdomo Cigars and Nate Saab

After a few years he decided to close Paradise Cigars and he began repping for Oliva. Part of his territory was Columbia so I got to see him quite often. He was always the same, happy, laid back, and quick witted. When you thought of Oliva cigars you also thought of Nate.

Oliva reps, Mike Walters (left) and Nate Saab (right)

Then, a couple years ago he left Oliva to pursue being an independent cigar rep. His business was just beginning to take off when last November he was involved in a car accident in West Virginia. His injuries were severe and he remained in a comma state until a couple weeks ago. His family made the painful decision to remove him from life support. Monday night he passed away. I will always remember Nate's smiling face. He leaves behind a wife and 2 young children. His cigar buddies will truly miss him. Rest in peace Nate.


Doug Graul said...

I remember meeting Nate at the Maduro Room a couple of years ago. He impressed me not only with his knowledge of cigars but also his love of India Pale Ales. What really impressed me though was when someone was speaking poorly of another cigar rep and Nate's only reply was, he has some problems. Truly a class act that we will miss. Rest in the arms of Our Savior Nate

Anonymous said...

Nate was a good dude. Lots of good times herfing with him and everybody else that hung around with us . It was always great to see you and the Columbia crew come up here and herf it up Tim. RIp my friend


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just got an email from Bicardi Jim. I had no idea. Nate was a good friend and a great herfing buddy.

I will certainly miss him and keep his family in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Nate was a childhood friend, I want to thank you for the kind words.

It's the worst way to get an update on the life of someone who I lost contact with. It seems he really enjoyed his job and excelled.