January 10, 2011

SNOW! Stuck at home; part 2

Well, we stayed home all day. Around 5:30 I decided it would be a good idea to warm things up. So, I headed upstairs to put on my bathing suit. Then I went to the back porch and pushed the snow off 1/2 of the hot tub cover. It was thick, as you will remember from the picture taken earlier today.

After removing it from 1/2 of the cover I folded the cover back and proceeded into the warm, inviting water! (There was no reason to take the entire cover off since Connie had no desire to get out into the cold.)

This was around 5:45pm. The outside temperature was a balmy 32 degrees.

The water temperature was 103 degrees!

Just me, my Montecristo Edmundo and my hot tub!

The freezing rain began to come down pretty hard after about 25 minutes so I headed back inside. Man, that water felt good! And, since I was in the hot tub for 25 minutes I had enough heat built up inside that it didn't feel freezing when I got out! That was a nice way to spend a little time in the snow!

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