January 24, 2011

Update on the S.C. Sit Down no. 14

Hopefully you are planning on attending this year's event. It is still scheduled for April 16th, 2011. That is the weekend AFTER the Masters golf championship. If you're not familiar with the event or would just like to revisit last year's event, see this blog post.

Start time is still noon. Please don't get there much earlier as the set up takes a long time and I want everything ready for the expected 180 - 200 attendees that I am expecting this year. Last year we had 170 and I can assure you there will be more this year.

The venue will be Hemingways Saloon in Irmo, SC. You can GPS the site by using this address:

7467 St. Andrews Rd.
Irmo, SC 29063

Now for the exciting part. At this point, without contacting the usual local shops (who's support I am counting on) there are...


I still expect to add more. If the local shops come through I expect to have nearly 30 companies supporting our event!

With that many vendors the raffle should be amazing! Remember, we're raising money for Sister Care, Inc. A very worthwhile charity that we have been supporting for 5 years. My goal is to surpass last year's final total of just over $3070. The tickets will again be 3 for $10.

Pass on the info on the event to everyone who loves cigars. Let's make this event the best ever.

Check the blog regularly for updates.

See you April 16th.

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