February 16, 2011

Cuba Libre Epicure

Another in my installment of budget cigars. These are from Nestor Plasencia. They have a Cuban seed corojo wrapper with filler from the Jalapa Valley in Honduras. They are box pressed. Very affordable at around $50 for a box of 20 online. So, they're cheap enough but are they good? How do they taste?

Cuba Libre Epicure (6x50)

The cigar was reddish brown, as you can see in the picture above. I have high hopes for this cigar simply because it's so cheap. The cigar feels dense and appears to be well made. The flavor took an inch to develop anything significant. At this point it had cinnamon with hints of sweetness and some raw almonds, coffee and decent pepper. The finish was fairly long with raw almonds. The cigar is medium bodied at this point.

After 1 1/2 inch there were light grapefruit citrus notes and some vanilla on the finish.

At the midpoint the cigar had balanced notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and raw almonds. The pepper is nice at this point. There is rich vanilla on the finish that overtakes the raw almonds. From this point to the end the cigar had no major changes other than it moved toward being full bodied.

After if finally got going it wasn't a bad cigar but nothing fantastic. If you're looking for something cheap to have while doing yard work this might fit the bill.

Score: 83

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