February 15, 2011

Gurkha Cuban Legacy toro

This week's mid-week review is a cigar from Gurkha; the Cuban Legacy toro.

Gurkha Cuban Legacy toro (6.5x50)

The cigar has a maduro wrapper from the San Andres Valley of Mexico. This is not a very dark maduro wrapper. In fact, it looks like a slightly darker version of a natural wrapper. It also utilizes aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler from Esteli and Jalapa. These cigars are very inexpensive and pretty much available on line only. They run around $45 for a box of 20. In today's price conscious times it is important to review cheaper cigars in hopes they turn out to be gems!

The cigar started with light roasted almond notes and some underlying cinnamon. These notes were quite light. There was a touch of pepper. The finish was very short to nonexistent. There are no maduro notes at all. The cigar is very mild. I smoked this cigar on the way to pick up my taxes from the accountant. When I met with him for all of 10 minutes the cigar went out. Normally this would be very bad for a cigar. It actually improved this one! There were more pepper notes and the roasted almond flavors seemed to increase. The finish actually improved too. It became longer and had almond notes with a touch of vanilla. The cigar was soft, meaning it was under filled.

Overall this cigar is mild and pretty tasteless. I waited in vein for the maduro notes to kick in. They never did. An experienced cigar smoker would probably not care for it. You could probably give this cigar to a 3 year old and they would have no trouble with it. It's that mild. Now, if you're into mild cigars with little flavor you're in luck. These are for you! By the way, I have no idea why they have the word "Cuban" in the name. There is nothing remotely close to Cuban about these cigars.

Score: 71

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