February 27, 2011

Kristoff Sumatra robusto

Kristoff Sumatra robusto (5.5x54)

Kristoff Cigars is a fairly new cigar company. Founded in 2005, they have a line-up of 8 different cigars. Today I am reviewing the Sumatra robusto. Kristoff's robusto's are rather long by robusto standards; 5 1/2 inches. These cigars are finished with a pigtail cap and a shaggy foot.

The blend consists of Dominican and Nicaraguan longfillers, plus a Brazilian binder, rolled in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

The cigar started off with notes of tea, cinnamon, and grapefruit along with some black pepper. I pinched off the pigtail and did not cut the cap. I had a very good draw.

After an inch or so there were sweet notes on the palate. The finish was long with semi-sweet notes of vanilla.

The burn was a little off but I managed to let it self-correct.

At the midpoint there were more pepper notes. Other than the pepper the cigar has not made many changes. The cigar is medium bodied.

At the 2/3 point the flavor notes are pretty much grapefruit and tea with subtle vanilla. The finish is sweet tea and subtle vanilla.

As the cigar wound down the burn was pretty even. The pepper is noticeable but not overwhelming. Interesting cigar, especially with the tea notes.

Score: 86

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