February 20, 2011

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto review

My Father Le Bijou Grand Robusto (5 5/8x55)

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto Natural cigars are handmade in Nicaragua. While the original My Father was made secretly by Don Pepin's son Jaime, Le Bijou is Don Pepin's homage to his own father, born in 1922. French for "the jewel," Le Bijou lives up to its billing! Notoriously difficult to grow, Pelo de Oro wrapper leaves (dubbed Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro) cloak a well-aged full-bodied blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

The Le Bijou 1922 features a beautiful band.

A dark, fat cigar that is dense and well made. It started with semi-sweet grapefruit citrus with subtle vanilla notes and black coffee, plus a ton of black pepper. The finish is surprisingly short with roasted almond notes and just a tick of vanilla thrown in for good measure. The draw is great and the burn after 3/4 inch is perfect. The cigar is full bodied.

At the midpoint there are no major changes to the cigar other than more vanilla notes on the finish, which is a little longer.

In the final stages the cigar still has semi-sweet grapefruit notes but they are somewhat subtle to the extreme black coffee notes and the pepper is still strong. The finish is fairly long with vanilla notes. 

Final thoughts; a very good cigar that has some deep, dark black coffee notes with nice semi-sweet grapefruit and vanilla notes and plenty of black pepper. While I am a fan of rich, sweet citrus I still feel the regular My Father is a tick better than this cigar this is a very good addition to the My Father lineup.

Score: 90


Barret said...

Nice review! Love the new format on the blog!

Barret said...

Nice review! Love the new format on the blog!