February 13, 2011

Oliva O natural churchill

Staying with the Oliva theme, today I'm reviewing the Oliva O natural churchill. The O series is a top notch edition from Oliva. The maduro version is very good. I have reviewed it before and gave it good marks.

Oliva O natural churchill (7x50)

A nice looking medium brown cigar that is well made. It started with a very intense cinnamon, vanilla, and grapefruit citrus spice with a touch of black coffee and a nice amount of pepper. The finish was long with sweet vanilla notes with light roasted almonds. After only 1/2 inch the sweet grapefruit notes came to the front closely followed by the cinnamon. The midpoint still featured the sweet grapefruit notes with subtle vanilla notes. The cinnamon notes are subdued at this point. This cigar has great flavor. It's medium bodied and as it smokes it moves toward full bodied. The final stages saw no major change. This is a good cigar. I really like the O series. These are around $7 at your local shop.

Score: 91

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