February 08, 2011

Say a little prayer for Mr. Bob

Mr. Bob, Robert Van Ness, was admitted to Palmetto Baptist Hospital last Wednesday, February 2nd after falling several times over the previous 4 days. We visited him on Saturday afternoon. We learned of his admittance to the hospital on Friday afternoon. He was in good spirits but had no movement in his right arm and leg. He was in the ICU. We visited him again today, Tuesday, and he had been moved to a regular room but still had no visible movement in his right side.

We first met Mr. Bob at the Wild Hare sports bar several years ago. He sat alone and we invited him to sit with us. Since then he has been to many cigar events and has attended the South Carolina sit down on several occasions. He is not a cigar smoker but loves our company and the other cigar guys and gals. He has even gone on a Southern Caribbean cruise with us. It was the first and only cruise he has ever been on. He has been a widower for several years and simply loves to be around other people.

I do not know how long he will be in the hospital but please say a prayer for him. I look forward to the day when he can meet us again at Hemingways Saloon. Get well soon Mr. Bob!

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Anonymous said...

hey I have been looking for bob. I've been one of his 'waitress' for 8yrs now and have lost his number in my phone when i moved jobs. could you please email me? mandeylei@bellsouth.net