March 04, 2011

Altadis event at The Maduro Room

Friday night started with the Altadis event at The Maduro Room in Lexington, SC. Dickson Wier was on had representing Altadis and featuring the new Warlock and Don Diego Fuerte cigars.

I have previously reviewed versions of both of these cigars and they scored good. The Warlock churchill was rated at a 92. The Don Diego Fuerte rated at an 88. Tonight I bought other sizes of these cigars to see how they will rate out. Those reviews will come in later weeks.

People came and went but for the most part they stayed. Here's some pics of the attendees:

Dickson Wier opens a new box of Warlock

Steve Miller lights up

Connie discusses world events with Steve

Brent Downing with an evil grin

Grady Marsh (rt) with his "little brother"

Randy Fabry contemplates his next move.

Mitch (rt) shows off his cufflinks

Thanks to Dickson Wier and Altadis for another great event.

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