March 13, 2011

Camacho Connecticut toro

Camacho Connecticut Toro (6x50)

The Camacho site has this to say about the Connecticut:

The Camacho Connecticut is a spicy, yet milder mannered Connecticut wrapped cigar with a superb balance and signature Camacho body. These new cigars are comprised of tobaccos from both Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The Camacho Connecticut is available in six formats including the Monarca (50×5), Toro (50×6), Churchill (48×7), Figurado (54x42x61/8), 11/18 (48x54x48x6), and 60 x 6 (60×6).

“We introduced the Camacho Connecticut in response to countless consumer and retail requests for a product on the other side of the strength spectrum,” said Dylan Austin, marketing director of Camacho Cigars. “The Camacho Connecticut will make a great addition to our already superior line of premium and ultra-premium cigars.”
Video review.

The test draw was very good. The cigar started with sweet grapefruit notes with vanilla. The pepper was nice. The finish was fairly short with almond notes.

Approaching the midpoint the finish changed to a sweet citrus with some light vanilla notes. This was a nice surprise. The pepper tends to linger on the palate; also a nice touch.

The burn was perfect throughout. The cigar is indeed mild to medium; no big surprise there but I was surprised at the sweet grapefruit notes with vanilla. Camacho cigars have always had a nice amount of pepper, so that was no surprise either. The cigar is quite tasty and would make a good morning cigar.

The cigar stayed consistent to the end. It remained mainly a sweet grapefruit and vanilla spice. However the finish became one of sweet citrus notes from the midpoint on. The pepper lingered on the palate also. The cigar finished at mild to medium bodied.

I am not a big fan of mild cigars although this cigar was quite tasty. It would make a good morning cigar or a good beginner cigar for someone who thought Camacho's were too full bodied. Although I am a big fan of Camacho I found this cigar a little too mild for my tastes.

Score: 87

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