March 23, 2011

New cigar shop in Columbia

I received a call on Monday from a woman asking about the S.C. Sit Down. She had seen a poster in the Cigar Box downtown and said she wanted to be involved. She went on to say she had a shop in Columbia. I had not heard of a new shop so I asked about it and she said she had only been open for 3 weeks. She also said business was good. So, I dropped by the next day to meet her. Her name is Tracey and her shop is called Tracey's Smokehouse.

It is located at 8006-E Garners Ferry Road in Columbia. She has a 50" tv and a sofa and surrounding chairs to relax while having your cigar. Since she is just starting out her selection is limited but she's eager to learn and is adding things regularly. Here's Tracey:

The owner, Tracey Coulter, and her shop are in the eastern side of Columbia, very convenient to Sumter and surrounding areas. In addition to cigars she offers beer, wine, soft drinks, and coffee. Her hours are 11:30 am to 9 pm M-Th, 11:30 am to 11:30 pm Friday and Saturday, and 1 pm to 8 pm on Sunday. If you're in the Garners Ferry Road area stop by and see Tracey and her shop! She will also be attending this year's South Carolina Sit Down so say hi when you see her!

Here are some pics of her shop:

She's adding 2 more cigar cases soon.




cultureco said...

I stopped out today at 12:10 and nobody there. Bummer. Looks nice from the outside!

Tiny Tim said...

That's odd. She should have been open. Give her another chance. Keep in mind her stock is limited but the place is nice.

Cathy M. said...

Checked it out last night...she has another humidor, and said things are going well. Tracey is a great lady; hopefully the shop will be a success for her. Nice to be in the company of another female cigar smoker as well! :)

Tiny Tim said...

Cathy, come to the big cigar event next Saturday, the 16th. You probably heard about it at the shop. It's a great time and we have a huge raffle for Sistercare. We start at noon. Try to be here! You'll love it! Tracey will be here too!