March 06, 2011

Piramides Dragones

Piramides Dragones (6x52)

I was contacted by Mercer Cigars, a La Casa del Habano in Merida, Mexico a few weeks ago and asked to sample some of their Cuban house cigars. This is a review on the first one.

This is what the Mercer Cigar site says about the Piramides Dragones:
These cigars are a wonder. They were delivered to us from Viejo Habana, and represented as "rolled by committee" near Dragones. They were not. These were rolled by a single torcedor, with factory level skills. These surprisingly fine piramides have silky smooth natural wrapper and give off nutmeg and cinnamon aroma. These are real sleepers, and we will find out who made these fantastic cigars.
Mercer Cigars describes them as medium bodied. I want to see for myself.

Video review.

The cigar had a great test draw after cutting the cap. The first notes were cinnamon, grapefruit, raw almonds, and black coffee. The finish was long with light vanilla and almonds.

At the midpoint the flavors were semi-sweet grapefruit and almonds. The finish was more sweet raw almonds with some tea notes.

The final stages had the same semi-sweet grapefruit notes but also a few bitter notes. The finish was still good and long with some sweet almonds notes. The cigar was indeed medium bodied.

Overall, this was a good cigar that could have had a little more richness in the spice but still a good cigar.

Score: 88

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