March 12, 2011

Room 101 LTD Conjura

Room 101 LTD Conjura (4 3/4x50)

The Room 101 site has this to say about the LTD Conjura:
The Conjura Edition, meaning Conspiracy in Spanish, is the first installment in the new Room101 Limitado series. This cigar is more full bodied than the previous Room101 released at last year’s trade show in New Orleans. A beautiful ‘Rosado’ wrapper adorns the outside of this new box-pressed masterpiece by Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Matt Booth. The cedary, yet savory flavors of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers are complemented by the underlying spice of a Honduran binder.
Only 12,500 cigars of each size were made. Once they’ve sold out, they’re gone for good.

Video review.

I previously reviewed the regular production of the Room 101 404 cigar. It received a score of 92.

The draw of the Conjura tested out good. The first notes were cinnamon and black pepper. Almost immediately it changed to a sweet orange citrus and rich vanilla with a ton of black pepper. The finish was somewhat long with sweet raw almond notes.

After an inch the cinnamon notes came back. The sweet orange citrus takes a backseat. The rich vanilla still hovers around and is noticeable. The finish has taken on a more vanilla tone.

At the midpoint the orange citrus notes came back to the front and they were rich as ever. The vanilla undertones also came back and were quite nice. The black pepper is always there in just the right amount.

This cigar finished much the way it started, with amazing sweet orange citrus and vanilla notes with sweet raw almond notes on the finish. The Room 101 received a score of 92 when I previously reviewed it and this cigar also gets the same score. Very good cigar.

Score: 92

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St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

A very nice venture combining great Davidoff Dominican tobaccos with Camacho's excellent Honduran leaf. A sign of, hopefully, more great things to come.