April 22, 2011

La Floridita Gold robusto

La Floridita Gold robusto (5x50)

The La Floridita brand is known for their full bodied cigars so this version must be an attempt to capture a part of the mild to medium market. The La Floridita Gold has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper around a Honduran binder. The long filler is a combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran. These cigars are available at Famous Smoke Shop.

Video review.

The initial flavors were roasted almonds, vanilla, and cinnamon. After the cigar settled down it became one of cinnamon and nice pepper. There are notes or orange citrus and vanilla. The finish is long with vanilla and raw almonds. The cigar has some richness.

Shortly thereafter the flavors changed. Orange citrus has become more obvious along with the cinnamon. The finish has not changed at this point.

At the midpoint the cigar made another change. The cinnamon has been equalled by the orange citrus and vanilla. The pepper is still nice and lingers on the palate. The finish is still one of rich vanilla and roasted almonds. The main flavors in the spice are fairly equal.

The final 1/3 the cigar remained very rich. The orange and vanilla notes make the cigar very nice. Yet another flavor has made it's way into the spice; roasted almonds. The flavor breakdown, in order of prominence is orange/vanilla, followed by cinnamon, followed by almonds. In the final 1/3 there was a slight bitterness noted. The cigar burned very evenly. These are quite affordable and would make a good everyday cigar. This was a very enjoyable cigar.

Score: 90


Famous Cigars Online said...

Great review Tim, glad you liked the La Floridita Gold, loved the video too - keep up the good work brutha!

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